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Shoaf & Associates, Inc.

Legal Nurse Consultants

About Us

Shoaf and Associates, Inc., was founded by Lorraine A. Shoaf in 1990 after recognizing the need for a comprehensive consulting service that would offer a liason between the medical and legal communities with services consisting of research, assessment, and analysis. Shoaf and Associates, Inc., has been able to educate attorneys on the medical aspects of their cases and render their professional opinion.

The premier legal nurse consultants with Shoaf and Associates, Inc., assists a variety of attorneys across the United States, from California to Florida.

A Legal Nurse Consultant is a collaborator and strategist offering the attorney informed, professional opinions on the delivery of healthcare and its resulting outcomes. In addition to reviewing legal cases for merit, summarizing medical records, and retaining medical experts, legal nurse consultants with Shoaf and Associates, Inc., collaborate with attorneys and others involved in the legal process to evaluate and analyze all aspects of medicolegal matters.

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