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Legal Nurse Consultants


Hiring a Legal Nurse Consultant will benefit your practice in the following ways:
Preliminary screening of medical cases for merit and maximizing their value are two ways of increasing cost-effectiveness. We will assist you in supporting your case by analyzing the liability and damage issues. We provide a balanced, objective viewpoint. We assist you in maximizing your viable cases. Having your records in perfect order is the single, most-effective method of keeping soaring expenses to a minimum.

Gain medical expert respect
Many experts appreciate your efforts at respecting their valuable time by providing an organized and indexed medical file. A medical record fully summarized with a preliminary analysis motivates a medical expert to willingly assist you in your case evaluation. You save money by keeping your need for experts down and when needed, trimming your expert expenses to a minimum.

Network of resources
The Legal Nurse Consultant provides access to a large network of medical and professional resources and contacts. Expertise in the medical library provides the attorney with the most accurate and current medical information and standards of care.

Customized knowledge base and specialized experience
A thorough understanding of medical issues and trends related to the total litigation process provides customized information for the attorney, client, and jury. Clinical background and experience provides uniquely qualified perspective with interpretation of medical record documents and medicolegal issues.

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