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"I have been practicing law for 30 years. In 1992, I began focusing my practice on plaintiffs’ medical negligence litigation. That year, through a series of lucky coincidences, I met Lorraine Shoaf. Since that time, she has assisted myself and the firm with which I associate on probably 400 potential medical malpractice cases. She has been invaluable in locating and vetting potential expert witnesses, constructing timelines, reviewing medical records and being a friend and sounding board. Her connections in the medical community nationwide are unparalleled. She is not only bright but her medical knowledge and research skills have paved the way for our success in numerous cases. She has also kept us from making potentially disastrous and costly mistakes. Her expertise has greatly enhanced our ability to separate the good from the not-so-good cases and make informed decisions regarding how and when to pursue cases and refine issues for trial. I have and continue to recommend Lorraine to those in the legal profession who maintain high standards of professionalism and courage in pursuit of these very complex and interesting cases. If you practice in this very specialized area of the law, you know how difficult these cases are. Lorraine has, over the years, made my work much more enjoyable and as stress free as such cases can be. I highly recommend her."

- Byron V. Foster, Boise, Idaho.

"Shoaf and Associates, Inc., has proven invaluable to our firm's practice and success. Their team of exceptional Legal Nurse Consultants greatly aids and improves the quality of our legal services and the level of results for our clients. Shoaf and Associates provides exceptionally reliable and professional service."

- Mr. Colin P. King, Dewsnup, King and Olsen

"Shoaf and Associates, Inc., is committed to providing you with premier legal nurse consultants who can identify the merits of your case based on extensive health care knowledge and experience. We look forward to serving your medicolegal needs in the very near future."

Lorraine A. Shoaf, BSN, RN, LNCC,
Shoaf and Associates, Inc.

"Working with Lorraine is, and for many years has been, a real pleasure. We value her recommendations for medical experts very highly. She always comes through with well qualified and independent minded medical witnesses whenever we seek her help. We can count on unbiased reviews regardless of the review result. Lorraine provides a complicated service with a fair and uncomplicated process."

- Charles A. Coppola, JD

"Our firm has utilized the services of Shoaf and Associates for more than 10 years to locate medical experts for Plaintiff’s medical malpractice, personal injury and wrongful death cases. Lorraine has a remarkable ability to locate top notch experts who are willing and available to assist us. Lorraine is skilled at understanding the type of expert we require, and then finding just the right physician or nurse to meet our needs. Lorraine is helpful, efficient and professional, and I never hesitate to turn to her for assistance when I need to locate a medical expert."

- Joanne

"The consultants of Shoaf and Associates, Inc., have been instrumental in screening potential cases for merit and in educating me on medical issues. This has proven invaluable to me in making decisions that save my firm significant time, energy, and money. Additionally, they have provided us with premier medical experts. I credit a significant part of our success to Shoaf and Associates, Inc., and highly recommend their services."

- Mr. David E. Comstock,
Comstock and Bush

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