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Shoaf & Associates, Inc.

Legal Nurse Consultants

Cost Effective Services

Shoaf and Associates, Inc., is committed to providing cost-effective services, including:
  • Conduct client interviews
  • Screen potential cases for merit
  • Request and secure complete medical records
  • Index and organize your voluminous records
  • Summarize and make sense of your medical records
  • Chronologies and timelines of medical events
  • Conduct and summarize medical literature
  • Assess damages
  • Identify tampering in medical records
  • Full case analysis
  • Identification of breaches in the standard of care
  • Expert witness location and referrals
  • Educate on medical issues
  • Create illustrations and graphics to maximize understanding of medical issues
  • Medical expense summaries, analysis and reasonableness testimony
  • Prelitigation hearing preparation
  • Provide deposition and trial support
  • Case strategy consultation
  • Compare and contrast deposition testimony by medical experts
  • Independent Medical Examination attendance
  • Serve as liaison between the attorney, health care providers, medical experts and other consultants
  • Our services are tailored and customized to meet the diverse needs of each client, attorney, and medicolegal case.
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